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Wednesday, 1 December '21   365 days
Paradise Yoga, Overlooking Paradise Beach, Avalon Beach, NSW, 2107

Yay! All your gift-buying woes are solved because now you can quickly and easily buy a gift voucher for Paradise Yoga!

Please note:

  • Enter your own email address - the voucher will come to you, so you can pass on when appropriate. This avoids any risk of me emailing the person and spoiling the surprise!
  • When buying a voucher, you are NOT making a booking for a class or event. The voucher will have instructions for the recipient of how to book themselves in.
  • Once you have purchased the voucher, give me a day or so to put it together and email it to you. If you need it faster than that, email me on and let me know.
  • Vouchers can only be used for the category for which they are purchased. Eg, you cannot use a Zen Session voucher for classes; it can only be used for a Zen Session.
  • Vouchers must be redeemed within 1 year of the date of purchase. Expiry date will be shown on the voucher.

Vouchers for One-Day Retreats
Please email me at and I will organise this for you.


Gift Voucher: Single Class
Allows your loved one to book a single class at a time of their choosing,
Gift Voucher: Zen Session
Allows your loved one to book themselves into the Zen Session of their choice.
Gift Voucher: Deep Yin
Allows your loved one to book themselves into the Deep Yin session of their choice.
Gift Voucher: Ten-Pass
Allows your loved one to buy a ten-pass (ten-passes never expire, so there's no rush for them to use it up).

Paradise Yoga
Overlooking Paradise Beach
Avalon Beach

Street parking is available; please be mindful of the neighbours. Avoid parking alongside the double white lines - you'll get a ticket.


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