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poniedziałek, 25 październik '21   19:00 – 20:30 MDT
Zoom - Signs Connections and Dreams
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To jest wydarzenie online.

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October 25, November 1 & 3, 2021
In this three-part online workshop, you will explore a variety of areas that we may encounter in everyday life.

Part 1 will cover some “signs” we have, or hope to receive from our guides and/or loved ones in the spirit world.  Individuals will share their experiences, curiosities and may discover ideas on who is sending us the signs as well as asking for signs that we’ll recognize.

Part 2 will look at who, from the world of spirit, has connected with us, may be wanting to connect with us, and those we wish to connect with.

Part 3 will have a look at our dreams to “setting the stage” for that spirit we hope to engage with in a dream.


This will be an online Zoom course. The Zoom link will be provided to registrants prior to the first session on Oct. 25.


Signs, Connections & Dream Intentions
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3-day course, Oct 25, Nov 1 & 3, 2021

Informacje o wydarzeniu online

Zoom - Signs Connections and Dreams

Same link for all 3 nights