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Moo Music Chesterfield, S18, S20 and S21

Moosical fun for your little ones!

Here at Moo Music Chesterfield, S18, S20 & S21 we are passionate about bringing fun and learning to your little ones with our original and extremely catchy Moo Music. In our fun filled sessions your guaranteed to have a moovellous time ­čÉ«­čÄÂ.

Od 23 maj 2022
listopad, 2021
13 sob. 365 dni ­čÄü GIFT VOUCHER ­čÄü
maj, 2022
23 pon. 10:00 BST Clowne Mixed Moo (0-5yrs)
11:00 BST Clowne Baby Moo (0 - prewalkers)
24 wto. 09:45 BST Little's Hub Baby Moo (0 -prewalkers)
10:00 BST Hasland Mixed Moo (0-5yrs)
11:00 BST Hasland Baby Moo (0 -prewalkers)
11:00 BST Little's Hub Mixed Moo (0-5yrs)
25 ┼Ťro. 10:00 BST Mosborough Mixed Moo (0-5yrs)
10:00 BST Walton Baby Moo (0 -prewalkers)
11:00 BST Mosborough Baby Moo (0 - prewalkers)
11:00 BST Walton Mini Moo (wobbly walkers +)
26 czw. 09:30 BST Little's Hub Mixed Moo (0-5yrs)
10:00 BST New Whittington Baby Moo (0 -prewalkers)
11:00 BST New Whittington Mixed Moo (0-5yrs)
11:00 BST ­čîč ­čÉ« Twinkle Moo ­čîč ­čÉ« Baby Moo (0-prewalkers)
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