Love Never Ends Gallery Readings

sobota, 16 październik '21   14:00 – 15:30 EDT
Robert E. Hansen’s Studio, 1754 Merrick Avenue (located behind Dunkin Donuts Shopping Center), Merrick NY 11566
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Join Robert in his new studio for a very small, yet public gallery of "Love Never Ends readings. Events titled Love Never Ends are held in Roberts studio in Merrick, NY.

These groups are small and intimate to allow for a more personal experience with Robert as opposed to the larger public events. $60 per person, CASH only payment at the door.

This particular session may be video taped by Robert's staff for marketing purposes. You must agree to to this before signing up.

During your registration and only then, you will be able to add 2 more paying guests. If you cannot attend, please cancel your registration at least 3 days prior to the event.

Note: when you add your guests, leave the email option BLANK if you put an email in this block and it is not unique, it will reject it.



IT IS IMPERATIVE THAT YOU ARRIVE 15 MINUTES EARLY! Below please find the link with directions to the studio.


Disclaimer: By signing up for a reading, you acknowledge that during your reading Mr. Hansen has no control over who comes through, how long they come through for, nor the type of information that is supplied. It is further understood that there are no refunds or charge-backs if there is dissatisfaction with the information provided. Due to the very nature of the subject matter, readings are never guaranteed or verbally implied, this is physically impossible. Before scheduling your meeting or reserving your seats, you must understand the above and agree to these terms and conditions set forth. Please also note that cash payment is the only acceptable payment method and is due and payable at the door.


Love Never Ends Gallery Readings
If you cannot attend you must call or email our office to cancel. There will be a waiting list so that other people have an opportunity to attend.

Robert E. Hansen’s Studio
1754 Merrick Avenue (located behind Dunkin Donuts Shopping Center)
Merrick NY 11566

The studio is located behind the Dunkin Donuts Shopping Center in the Goshinkan Karate Dojo