Rubber Chicken Theatre’s World Record Attempt

On Sunday 16th February 2020, Rubber Chicken Theatre will be attempting to set a world record for the Fastest Theatrical Production.

Opening a box of scripts at 7.30am, we’ll have just 12 hours to learn, rehearse and set up an entire show: from dialogue, songs and choreography to sound, light, set, costumes and props. And here’s the catch... not a single person involved knows the show we’ll be performing until we open the box of scripts on the day!

Then, at 7.30pm that evening, it’s curtain up time! We’re delighted that an adjudicator from Guinness World Records will be joining us to confirm there and then if we’re record breakers!

If you’d like to be involved with this incredibly exciting event, we’ll be holding an information evening on Sunday 3rd November at Dunblane Christian Fellowship (just opposite Dunblane train station) at 8pm. Then at 8am the following morning (Monday 4th), come back here where you’ll be able to register as cast or crew.

It turns out attempting a world record is not cheap. However, we’re committed to making the attempt as affordable as possible for everyone who would like to take part, as is our ethos. To help us do this, we’ve launched a crowdfunding project for those who want to financially support the attempt further. More details can be found at

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February, 2020
16 Sun 1 day 1. World Record Attempt - Junior Performers (P4 - P6)
1 day 2. World Record Attempt - Teen Performers (P7 - Age 15)
1 day 2A. Teen Performers Waiting List
1 day 3. World Record Attempt - Adult Performers (Age 16+)
1 day 4. World Record Attempt - Band / Musicians
1 day 5. World Record Attempt - Crew and Bodies (Age 14+)
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