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Teacher Research Group: Diversity in the classroom (Cross phase)

Monday, 7 March '22   4pm – 5pm GMT
Redhill Trust Training Centre, Redhill Leisure Centre, Redhill Road, Arnold, Nottingham, NG5 8GX


Who are Teacher Research Groups for?
All teaching staff, regardless of your career stage, role within school or the phase that you teach.

When and where will they be?
There will be four meetings spread throughout the year.
These meetings will be held as twilight session, from approximately 4pm to 5pm.
They will be held at a variety of schools across the Redhill College.

What will I need to do?
The four sessions will broadly follow the plan below:
Session 1
Engage in discussion about up-to-date information from credible sources about an area of interest.
Consider the implications of this discussion in the context of your own setting.
Session 2
Work collaboratively with the group to set some agreed goals.
Start making an action plan of an activity you will carry out in your own school.
Session 3
Share a completed action plan with the group.
Discuss each other's plans and provide supportive critique.
Following this session, carry out your activity.
Session 4
Some members of the group will share the outcomes of their activity for discussion.
Consider the appropriate next steps either individually or for the group.
Following the completion of your activity, write a single side of A4 summary of what you did and what you learnt.


Interested in the next cohort?
Bookings for this cohort have closed. Select this ticket to be added to the mailing list for information about the next programme.


Redhill Trust Training Centre
Redhill Leisure Centre
Redhill Road

Please park at Redhill Leisure Centre (the next driveway on the right after The Redhill Academy main entrance). Enter the Leisure Centre through the main entrance, the Training Centre is through the door to the left of reception.