Introduction to Yoga - 6 weeks with Sally

Red Sky Yoga, 46 Washway Road, Sale, M33 7QZ
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Course dates

  • Wed, 19 Feb '20   6pm - 7pm - done
  • Wed, 26 Feb '20   6pm - 7pm - done
  • Wed, 4 Mar '20   6pm - 7pm
  • Wed, 11 Mar '20   6pm - 7pm
  • Wed, 18 Mar '20   6pm - 7pm
  • Wed, 25 Mar '20   6pm - 7pm

This six-week course will introduce you to the basic principles of yoga, including an understanding and experience of some of the key yoga postures, helping you to understand alignment, benefits and contraindications. We will look at breathing practices (Pranayama) and discover their numerous benefits. You will explore how meditation can help you to connect deeply with the breath and calm the mood, enhancing your yoga practice.

Week One: What is Yoga? Introduction to the Eight Limbs of Yoga / Breath work: full yogic breath / Warm ups: how to release old tensions from the body and free the joints in preparation for posture work (Asana) / Introduction to Sun Salutations with variations

Week Two: The importance of alignment, Sthira (Stability) and Sukha (Ease) in your practice / Introduction to Sun Salutations with variations / Drishti: learn to visually focus during your practice / Introduction to Standing Postures: their purpose and benefits /

Week Three: Introduction to Seated Postures: Forward Bends and Twists – their purpose and benefits

Week Four: Meditation (Dhyana): where to start and simple techniques / Breathwork (Pranayama): importance of the breath and breathing exercises including Alternate Nostril Breathing (Nadi Shodhana)

Week Five: Introduction to Backbends: their purpose and benefits / Introduction to simple Inversions: preparation and tips

Week Six: How to develop your own Personal Practice: structure and helpful suggestions / A full class practice including elements of breathwork, postures and meditation.

This course is ideal for yoga students with less than a year’s yoga practice who have attended a handful of classes and for those more practiced yogis who wish to deepen and further their knowledge and understanding of yoga.


This course will be held in the ground floor studio at Washway Road. Please enter through the front door from the main road. Parking is available on the side road by the Amblehurst Hotel outside Oaklands House offices or in Oaklands Drive carpark around the corner.
Payments for this course are non refundable.


Introduction to Yoga 6 weeks with Sally
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Red Sky Yoga
46 Washway Road
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