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Get Active in the Community

Exercise isn’t just for fitness fanatics or sporty types. Taking regular exercise and keeping active can benefit people of all ages and fitness levels.

Research shows that exercise can improve your health, confidence and quality of life. It is a great stress buster, can help keep the weight off and it lowers your risk of developing major chronic diseases like heart disease and diabetes.

Physical activity can also boost mental wellbeing and change your outlook on life. It can help people with anxiety and depression and might even prevent such problems from developing in the first place.

The benefits of physical activity include:

*Better health
*More energy
*Reduced stress
*Stronger bones and muscles
*Better balance, strength, suppleness and mobility
*Improved sleep
*Improved body shape
*Reaching and maintaining a healthy weight
*More social opportunities
*A sense of achievement
*More independence in later life
At least 30 minutes of moderate-intensity exercise, 5 or more days a week is all it takes for you to reap the health benefits. Children and young people need to be active for at least an hour every day, for example through active play, sport or walking to and from school. If you find it difficult to fit exercise into your busy day, a brisk walk, jog or even energetic cleaning are simple ways you can make up your 30 minutes.

You can also make exercise a social activity and a way of meeting others, catching up with friends or spending time with your family.

From pregnancy to later life, indoors, outdoors, at home or on your bike. The re:fresh team are here to help you!

From 5 Jun 2023
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