Ashtanga Beginners Course

Yoga Akasha, London Road, East Grinstead

Course dates

  • Fri, 3 May '19   7am - 7:45am - done
  • Sun, 5 May '19   7am - 7:45am - done
  • Tue, 7 May '19   7am - 7:45am - done
  • Fri, 10 May '19   7am - 7:45am - done
  • Tue, 14 May '19   7am - 8am - done
  • Fri, 17 May '19   7am - 8am - done
  • Sun, 19 May '19   7am - 8am - done
  • Tue, 21 May '19   7am - 8am - done
  • Fri, 24 May '19   7am - 8am - done
  • Sun, 26 May '19   7am - 8:15am - done
  • Tue, 28 May '19   7am - 8:15am - done
  • Fri, 31 May '19   7am - 8:15am - done

One month early morning Ashtanga beginners course.

Do you want to learn Yoga you can practice without a teacher?

Do you want to learn a clear step by step system?

Do you want a routine that can improve your day, week, life?

Learning Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga may be the answer you’re searching for!

This course is about making a commitment to yourself. And that commitment starts by getting up early! Not for work or family commitments but for yourself and your practice.

What to expect during the course:

Over the 13 sessions you will learn the beginning of the Ashtanga primary series slowly, step by step. We will start small and gradually build up over the month. Each class will repeat the day before and add one new posture.

We will cover:

• Opening and Closing Chants
• Ujjayi breathing technique.
• What are bandhas?
• Sanskrit counting and posture names.
• Yoga postures/asanas.

At the end of the course each student is given a personalised practice handout. The aim of the course is to give you the confidence to start self practice either at home or in a studio.

Email support is offered throughout and on completion of the course.

Next Ashtanga Beginners Course will be September 2019.

Please email any questions or feel free to book now to reserve a space.

Sam 🧡


Summer Term Enrolment
Course ticket - for all 12 dates.

Yoga Akasha
London Road
East Grinstead