Sarvanga Online

Welcome to the Sarvanga Yoga Online Class Schedule!
This is a work in progress, the schedule may change & evolve. Your feedback is welcome.

A note on payment - if you have an existing 5 or 10 class pass you can use that to book single online sessions. If you do so, email us when we re-open the studio & we'll give you a free class to welcome you back.

If you were midway through a course (beginners, postnatal, childrens) you can transfer that credit to online classes. To do so please email your request to Please try to do so the day before you want to use your new online pass, so that I have time to administrate. Thank you! You may of course retain your credit for when the studio reopens and book new passes for the online system.

Swap my remaining course dates for online pass = 3 weeks of online passes

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April, 2020
10 Fri 9am - 10am SarvangaLive - Restorative
11 Sat 9am - 9:45am SarvangaLive - Vinyasa
14 Tue 9am - 9:45am SarvangaLive - Yoga Basics
15 Wed 4:30pm - 5pm SarvangaLive - Kids Yoga
5:30pm - 6:15pm SarvangaLive - Vinyasa
6:15pm - 6:45pm SarvangaLive - Yoga Nidra
Times shown in timezone: London