Marine Science Week

Wednesday, 12 August '20   8 days
Palma, Balearic Islands
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Living on-board the magical Toftevaag, our flagship vessel, you will learn about marine science, biodiversity and how to conduct field surveys, both in the open ocean and by the coast. As part of our team, you will help us collect data and monitor the health of the Balearic Sea. When the days are calm, we will sail the beautiful azure waters of Cabrera National Park, on the lookout for whales, dolphins, seabirds and sea turtles. We also keep a lookout for plastic pollution, and remove what we can from the water. On windier days, not suitable for surveying, we carry out microplastic analysis educational snorkels and nature hikes, learning about species identification and Mediterranean biodiversity. During these, volunteers receive survey training, through marine science presentations and demonstrations from our expert crew. At night, we moor in the natural shelter of the island of Cabrera, a unique natural reserve, or in the serene bays of Mallorca. If you like sleeping under the stars and close encounters with marine life, this is the adventure for you.


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