Fusion belly dance- six week beginner course

Skytribe Studio, 3rd floor 46-48 Church Gate, Leicester LE1 4AJ

Course dates

  • Mon, 24 Feb '20   7pm - 8pm
  • Mon, 2 Mar '20   7pm - 8pm
  • Mon, 9 Mar '20   7pm - 8pm
  • Mon, 16 Mar '20   7pm - 8pm
  • Mon, 23 Mar '20   7pm - 8pm
  • Mon, 30 Mar '20   7pm - 8pm

In this beginner class you will learn modern fusion belly dance style, focusing on technique and learning combinations as a group. Discover that belly dance uses the whole body- with chest movements, arm positioning and steps. Once you feel you have a good understanding of the basic elements there is the option to progress to the open fusion belly dance class for more complex moves and routines.

Fusion belly dance (formerly 'Tribal' fusion) is a modern take on the traditional style of belly dance with influences from Egyptian oriental and American tribal style. A theatrical dance, it incorporates elements of hip-hop, contemporary dance, folk dance styles (such as Indian Kathak) and Gothic subculture amongst other things. The style is characterised by smooth flowing movements contrasted with sharp staccato isolations and shimmies.

Belly dance tones the abdomen and lower back and can help you to have confidence in your body. Contrary to popular belief, belly dance can be enjoyed by people of all different body types.

Instructor: Doe Demure

Who's it for: Everyone aged 16+

Please wear comfortable clothing, leggings and vest is ideal, barefoot or soft soled shoes are best. Students are encouraged to wear a hip scarf during class if desired. Bring water to drink.
(Please note: the studio is in an old industrial building and can be cold in winter- please bring layers such as jumper, leg warmers etc for the warm-up which can be removed during class. Soft soled shoes highly recommended).


Six week course
Course ticket - for all 6 dates.
Please note bookings are non-refundable and non-transferable

Skytribe Studio
3rd floor 46-48 Church Gate
Leicester LE1 4AJ

We are located in Leicester City Centre on Church Gate close to the Highcross shopping centre and Clock Tower.
Please go into the driveway, into the door on the left and to the top of the stairs inside. There are 'Skytribe' signs to direct you.