PDA Training day for parents and professionals

Saturday, 15 June '19   9:30am - 3:30pm
The Fire Station, Rugekey Rd, Cannock
19 spaces available

PDA is a relatively new term being used as a clinical description.
Demand Avoidance can be seen in children with Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD) but when the avoidance reaches a pathological level, major difficulties arise. Both parents and teaching staff will have challenges as they have never known before!

We will explore:

  1. The key differences in working with young people with ASD and children with ASD with a PDA profile.

  2. Effective teaching and everyday approaches
    These young people are identified as very complex and it is a whole package of measures that makes the difference rather than isolating a few key issues .There are no absolute or clear guidelines but a repertoire of approaches that can make a difference

  3. The low arousal ways to help: workshop by Rachel Tenacious

Libby Hill is a multi-award winning speech and language therapist who appeared in Channel 4s Born Naughty. She sees children with PDA from all over the UK and occasionally abroad. She is part of the PDA professional's group and the PDA Research group. She supports PDA action and the PDA Society. She is co-writing a book about Parental Perspectives of PDA

Rachel Tenacious is a late diagnosed autistic parent with three children aged between 30 and 16. H is her youngest child who was diagnosed with autism at age 9 and selective mutism at 15. She removed H from the education system in 2015 after she had what we now know as an autistic burn-out. The school system didn’t suit H at all but home ed was amazing. She shares her experience at support groups

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The Fire Station,
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