Smart School Enrollment for 2022

From 26 Jan 2022
March, 2022
7 Mon 12:30pm EST Audit: Ray Bonilla--Impactful Light and Color in Oil Painting
4pm EST Audit: Winona Nelson--Gaming Illustration and Character Design--Monday
8pm EST Audit: Cynthia Sheppard--Illustrating the Emotional Narrative--Monday
8 Tue 11am EST Audit: Marc Scheff--Beginning Figure Drawing
7pm EST Audit: Cynthia Sheppard--Illustrating the Emotional Narrative, Tuesday
9 Wed 10am EST Audit: Marc Scheff--Beginning Illustration
1pm EST Audit: Scott Fischer--Dungeons & Dragons--1pm-4pm--Spring 2022
4:30pm EST Audit: Donato Giancola--Narrative Integration
8pm EST Audit: Scott Fischer--Dungeons & Dragons-- 8pm-11pm--Spring 2022
10 Thu 11am EST Audit: Winona Nelson--Thursday, Spring 2022
12pm EST Audit: Greg Manchess & Scott Fischer Team Teach, Spring 2022
7pm EST Audit: Dan dos Santos--Science Fiction & Fantasy & Book Covers, Spring 2022
11 Fri 3pm EST Audit: Sam Weber--Conceptual Illustration, Spring 2022
12 Sat 10am EST Audit: Greg Manchess--Portrait as Story, Spring 2022
Times shown in timezone: Eastern Time (US & Canada)