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Tryouts 6u-8u Fall 2023

Tuesday, 8 August '23   5pm – 7pm EDT
Doc Cramer Sports Complex, Parking lot, Stafford Township NJ 08050


SOBA has provided travel baseball teams to southern ocean county for over 8 years.

Our established program has a group outstanding coaches and trainers that provide a second to none experience for all players while stressing player development, good sportsmanship, hard work, and character on and off the diamond.

Team Designations:
Your Travel League Age can be different than your Little League Age. You Travel League Age is what your age is on Aril 30th, 2023.

For example:
Player A turns 11 on April 30th. Player A is 11u eligible.
Player B turns 11 on May 1st. Player B is 10u eligible because he was 10 on April 30th.

6u - Born before May 1, 2017
7u - Born before May 1, 2016
8u - Born before May 1, 2015

In and Off Season Weekly Trainings
Winter Team Sessions
One to Two Practices Per Week In-Season
Fall Game and Tournament Schedule

Season Fees vary based on age and schedule. Approximately $300-700 per season. Fundraising opportunities are available.

Training Fees: $100 per month for up to 2/3 fully instructed lessons per week. This breaks down to about $8 per instructional lesson.

If you have any questions please email Coach Rob at or give us a call.


6u Tryout

7u Tryout

8u Tryout


Doc Cramer Sports Complex
Parking lot
Stafford Township NJ 08050