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15u, 16u, and 18u Spring 2023 Tryouts

Thursday, 17 November '22   7pm – 8:30pm EST
Doc Cramer Sports Complex, Parking lot, Stafford Township NJ 08050
15u, 16u, and 18u Spring 2023 Tryouts


SOBA has provided travel baseball teams to southern ocean county for over 8 years.

Our established program has a group outstanding coaches and trainers that provide a second to none experience for all players while stressing player development, good sportsmanship, hard work, and character on and off the diamond.

Team Designations:
Your Travel League Age can be different than your Little League Age. You Travel League Age is what your age is on Aril 30th, 2023.

For example:
Player A turns 15 on April 30th. Player A is 15u eligible.
Player B turns 15 on May 1st. Player B is 14u eligible because he was 14 on April 30th.

For the nature of this tryout we will be using Grade Level to split up the tryout.

15u - Born before May 1, 2008, Graduating Class of 2026, Freshmen
16u - Born before May 1, 2007, Graduating Class of 2025, Sophomores
18u - Born before May 1, 2005, Graduating Class of 2024-23, Juniors and Seniors

Off Season Weekly Trainings
Winter Team Sessions
Two Practices Per Week In-Season
Spring/Summer Game and Tournament Schedule

Season Fees vary based on age and schedule. Approximately $400-500 per season. Fundraising opportunities are available.

Training Fees: $135 per month for up to 2/3 fully instructed lessons per week. This breaks down to about $10 per instructional lesson.

If you have any questions please email Coach Rob at or give us a call.


15u - Freshmen (Class of '26)
16u - Sophomores (Class of '25)
18u - Juniors and Seniors (Class of '23 and '24)


Doc Cramer Sports Complex
Parking lot
Stafford Township NJ 08050