Sole 2 Soul Yoga Booking

If a class is fully booked please join the waiting list and you will be contacted if there is a cancellation which is not uncommon. Drop in (and class pass drop in) tickets can be transferred to another class as long as it 24 hours or more before the session. No cancellations or transfers can be made within 24 hours of the class but please let Lisa know if you can't make class in case there is a waiting list. Different booking and cancellation rules apply to workshops, courses and retreats (see the specific booking rules)

To book, just click on the class you want to come to (drop in or class pass), press 'select' and then click on the next one you want to book before selecting proceed to check out all tickets. Regular students may be better buying a class pass which gives them 10 drop in class tickets for the price of 9 to be booked anytime in 4 months. You will need to buy a class pass and book one drop in class at least at the same time and once you have paid for the class pass, the drop in tickets are 'free' up to the value of that pass

Fees for those classes and workshops which have online payment attached are 20p per booking and 1.4% on the total so the more classes you buy in one go, the better value the booking fee.

Refund policy

Transfers and cancellations are available on tickets up to 24 hours before (different rules apply for block bookers -see website).
Refunds will only be given in exceptional circumstances at the discretion of Sole 2 Soul Yoga - contact me