SPAC Fab Feb Mini-Workshops

Welcome to SPAC's 2021 Fabulous February Mini-Workshops. These workshops are for SPAC members only. To become a member, complete the membership form here.

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From 1 Feb 2020
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February, 2020
1 Sat 9am - 12pm Blossom Box, Introduction to Box Making—Joan Byers
3 Mon 9am - 1pm Acrylics, 4 Hours to Success—Keith Levang
4 Tue 9am - 12pm Watercolour Droplets—Lois Brown
1pm - 4pm Oil and Cold Wax Abstracts on Board—Dana Craft
5 Wed 9am - 1pm Working with Colour Values—Kerri Seifried
6 Thu 9am - 12pm Hanging Succulent—Gail Dolyn
1pm - 4pm Free Stylin’ Easy Thread Art—Kathy Demchuk and Heather Corbitt
7 Fri 9am - 12pm Sketchbook Basics—Andrea England
Course: 2 dates Lanyard in Kumihimo Part 1—Nikki Drummond
9 Sun 9am - 12pm Pup Art—Jen Wright
10 Mon 9am - 12pm Colourful Abstract Paintings—June Haynes
11 Tue Course: 2 dates Unfold Your Creativity, Fold Your Painting Part 1—Maureen Walker
12 Wed 1:30pm - 4:30pm Cancelled - Banish the Big 5—Marilynne Miles Gray
13 Thu 9am - 1pm Dynamic Composition— Sophia Morrison
15 Sat 9am - 12pm Watercolour Beginnings—Sharron MacBride
1pm - 4pm Painting Skies-Bring Your Blues—Mar Goodwin
16 Sun 9am - 1pm Bracelet Kumihimo With Mini Stones—Nikki Drummond
1:30pm - 4:30pm Pamphlet Making 1, 2, 3 Signatures—Joan Byers
17 Mon 9am - 12pm Oil Paint - not so scary—Gail Dolyn
18 Tue 9am - 12pm Unfold Your Creativity, Fold Your Painting - Part 2—Maureen Walker
1pm - 4pm Sketchbook Basics—Andrea England
19 Wed 9am - 1pm Customized Coasters—Jan Dong
20 Thu 9am - 12pm Watercolour painting on Yupo—Jin Chung
1pm - 4pm Travel Sketching—Andrea England
22 Sat 9am - 12pm Cancelled - Lino Floor Mat—Gail Dolyn
1pm - 5pm Acrylics, 4 Hours to Success—Keith Levang
23 Sun 9am - 12pm Oil and Cold Wax, Mini Originals—Donna K Williams
1pm - 4pm Watercolour Beginnings—Sharron MacBride
24 Mon 9am - 12pm Portable Watercolour Tin—Lois Brown
1pm - 4pm Florals! - Find your Joy—Arden Rose
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