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Booking Schedule

Book a class and head on over to 238.

Cancellation policy: 24-hours before the start of the class. You will be sent an email inviting you to re-book a class, with the same facilitator, within a 2-week time frame. Please note, we do not refund bookings. If you have questions, please ask the facilitator.

From 1 Mar 2024
March, 2024
1 Fri 5:30pm GMT
2 Sat 9am GMT
10:30am GMT
3 Sun 10am GMT
6pm GMT
4 Mon 9:30am GMT
6:45pm GMT
5 Tue 7:15am GMT
5pm GMT
6:15pm GMT
6 Wed 5:30pm GMT
7pm GMT
11pm GMT
7 Thu 5:30pm GMT
6:45pm GMT
8 Fri 5:30pm GMT
9 Sat 9am GMT
10:30am GMT
10 Sun 10am GMT
6pm GMT
Times shown in timezone: London