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Vinyasa Krama Yoga

Wednesday, 23 March '22   10am – 11am GMT
Space 238, 238 Stapleton Road, Easton, Bristol, BS5 0NT
18 years and over
13 spaces available
Vinyasa Krama Yoga


Working with a slow Vinyasa flow, this class offers the opportunity to restore and rejuvenate midweek. Moving through a kramic (step-by-step) approach, we will work with a creative exploration of movement and breath combined. This opens up the opportunity to listen in to your mind and body choosing the krama, (option) that feels best for you.

Along with the asana we will explore pranayama (breath work) practices, feeling into the ways in which we can use the breath to bring focus and depth to our practice. Overall, the hope is to offer a space that allows us to get curious and creative with our practices in a way that deepens our connection to our minds and bodies in a compassionate way.
This class is open to all!

Level: Intermediate


Bring a mat, water bottle and exact money if paying cash.


Drop-in price
10 available
Price for one class only
Drop-in class, concessions
3 available


Space 238
238 Stapleton Road


  • Lockers
  • Toilets