Designated Coordinator Qualifications and Job Duties - Virtual Classroom

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Wednesday, 2 March '22   10am – 11:30am CST
Designated Coordinator Qualifications and Job Duties - Virtual Classroom

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Does the Designated Coordinator(s) (DC) at your agency have the knowledge and competency to do their job according to 245D? Are they fulfilling their responsibilities as required? While many people think they know what a DC does, 245D has very specific responsibilities for a DC including professional oversight of the services being provided to each person. Learn about these responsibilities, their implementation, and what licensors will be looking for to ensure your DC can be confident and competent in their role. This virtual classroom will include participation from attendees so be prepared to share examples and experiences.

CEU Contact Hours: 1.8 for Nurses, 1.5 for Social Workers

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