Supervisory, Management, and Leadership Training Series - Virtual Classroom

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Supervisory, Management, and Leadership Training Series - Virtual Classroom

Course dates

  • Thu, 18 Feb '21   10am – 11am CST - done
  • Thu, 18 Mar '21   10am – 11:30am CDT - done
  • Thu, 15 Apr '21   10am – 11:30am CDT - done
  • Thu, 20 May '21   10am – 11:30am CDT
  • Thu, 17 Jun '21   10am – 11:30am CDT
  • Thu, 15 Jul '21   10am – 11:30am CDT
  • Thu, 19 Aug '21   10am – 11:30am CDT
  • Thu, 16 Sep '21   10am – 11:30am CDT
  • Thu, 21 Oct '21   10am – 11:30am CDT
  • Thu, 18 Nov '21   10am – 11:30am CST
  • Thu, 16 Dec '21   10am – 11:30am CST

A monthly virtual training series designed to elevate your skills and confidence

The challenges we’ve faced in 2020 have made clear that supervisors, managers, and leaders in our organizations need more than compliance understanding to be successful at their jobs. We need to know how to have difficult conversations, hold staff accountable while simultaneously offering empathy and support, and problem solve. Ultimately, we need skills to help foster new habits and create a positive workplace that can nurture employees, promote retention, and bring understanding and kindness to our work. This monthly virtual training series is designed to develop the skills needed to be successful leaders and to help our staff become successful. Together we will cultivate the habits and expertise we need to foster harmony, productivity, and confidence at work.

Topics include:

  • Creating and maintaining good habits for productivity
  • Communication with diplomacy and tact
  • Developing and retaining staff
  • Having difficult conversations/coaching employees
  • Creating a positive culture
  • Mentoring and positive peer relationships
  • Professional boundaries
  • Working with difficult employees and situations
  • Building strong teams
  • Dealing with change
  • Stress management
  • Workplace drama and conflict
  • Inspired leadership

Trainings run February-December 2021 with an additional free training on a crowdsourced topic offered in the summer months to those who purchase the package.

CEU Contact Hours: 1.8 for Nurses, 1.5 for Social Workers (per session)

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Supervisory Series - Virtual Classroom
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Sessions held on the 3rd Thursday of each month from 10:00 am - 11:30 am
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