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Med Admin Refresher

Thursday, 6 October '22   5pm – 8:30pm CDT
STAR Services, Inc, 1295 Bandana Blvd North #135, St Paul MN 55108
Med Admin Refresher


Medication Administration Refresher

This condensed Medication Administration course is designed for experienced staff who already have expertise in Medication Administration. This class is only intended for people with previous experience and it is the employers responsibility to determine if their staff have the experience needed to successfully pass the course before attending. There will be no re-test options and staff who do not meet your standards for passing based on the test percentage will be required to take the full Medication Administration course at your company’s expense.

This course provides employees with the skills needed to administer medication properly and safely; document medical cares correctly in order to maintain an adequate, legal health record; and understand different categories and types of medications and their side effects.

This course is taught by STAR Services RNs. Participants complete a written test and demonstration of medication administration. Course meets 245D requirements for medication administration training.




Med Admin Refresher



STAR Services, Inc
1295 Bandana Blvd North #135
St Paul MN 55108

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