Rediscover the Goddess: A journey to connect to Brighid - the Goddess of the British Isles

Saturday, 13 July '19   2:15pm - 5:15pm
The Yoga Shed Wickham, Wickham Square, Wickham, PO17 5JN
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Rediscover the Goddess

A journey to connect to Brighid - the Goddess of the British Isles

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Do you feel a call to connect more deeply with the cycles of the seasons; with the elements; with nature?

A yearning to reconnect to a spiritual practice which honours the divine feminine and the energies of healing, inspiration and transformation?

A spiritual connection which offers love and inclusivity and encourages self-empowerment and inner connection?

If so, this may be a sign you have heard the call of Goddess: a spiritual pathway to connect to the sacred cycles and flow of life on this precious Earth.

Goddess Spirituality offers a path to make this reconnection to soul and the seasons and the sacred web of life here on this beautiful planet which is our home.

So, come along to this workshop to learn more and to find out about the Goddess Brighid – Celtic Goddess of healing, inspiration and transformation.

Traditionally seen as the Celtic patroness of healing, poetry and smith-craft, in the myths, legends and her energy we may see and feel her as the Goddess of fire and flame; the forge and anvil; the temple and devotion; divination and prophecy; healing and sacred waters; creativity and craftsmanship; change and transformation; fertility and childbirth; and Goddess of the heart and home.

She is a figure steeped in mythology but who has survived and evolved, along with the faithfulness from her devotees through the ages, from the distant past through to the present day.

Her wisdom is practical and rooted in the earth.

She teaches us that healing and wisdom and inspiration lie within us.

Do you wish to find out more and remember this sacred connection?

Then join me, Daughter of Brighid’s Flame and Priestess of Brighid (in training), for this soulful and inspiring workshop where I will guide you to:

  • Discover the Goddess Brighid – Goddess of the perpetual flame; Goddess of inspiration, transformation and healing. Goddess of these lands: the British Isles (Brighid’s Isles…)
  • Learn about the eight festivals which comprise the British/Celtic Wheel of the Year and how you can mark them through simple rituals;
  • Connect to the elements and archetypes of the Goddess;
  • Experience a Goddess Salutation – mindful movement to connect to the Goddess within through the sacred temple of your body;
  • Be guided via meditation journeys to connect to the Goddess and her unique guidance for you.

This is a Pagan pathway, but you don’t need to be a Pagan or know anything about Goddess spirituality to enjoy this workshop. I'm not aiming to ‘convert you’ in any way!

My aim is to share with you knowledge, practices and perspectives which you can integrate into your life, if you wish, to live with passion, purpose and a greater connection to the seasons and flow of life as a grounded spiritual practice.

Rediscover the Goddess and rediscover a deep connection to the flow of life to heal, inspire and transform you to live with joy and radiance, led by the inner guidance of your intuition, heart and soul!

Your guide

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Stella Tomlinson is a Dru Yoga & Meditation Teacher, the author of the book 'Peace Lies within'; an energy worker; Priestess-in-Training and a Highly Sensitive Person.

She has a passion for empowering sensitive, soulful people to connect to inner peace by living in rhythm with the cycles and flow of life through movement, rest, meditation, guided self-enquiry, ceremony and cycle and seasonal awareness in alignment with their needs as a high sensitive.

Cancellation Policy

Payment is non-refundable unless you can find someone to take your spot if you can no longer make it. Neither is it transferable to another class or event.


Rediscover the Goddess

The Yoga Shed Wickham, Wickham Square, Wickham, PO17 5JN