SOUL SPACE: Phoenix Rising

Saturday, 4 April '20   5pm - 7pm
The Yoga Shed, Wickham Square, Wickham, Hampshire, PO17 5JN
8 spaces available

Phoenix Rising

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We've now passed the spring equinox and spring has sprung.

There's a strong energy of regeneration and growth around us in nature.

This is the energy of the fiery phoenix.

In this sacred Soul Space event we'll connect to the energy of regeneration and rising from the ashes.

Light the fire in your soul: and rise up and soar!

Come to Soul Space Phoenix Rising if you’d love to:

  • Quieten the noise of your mind so you can hear your soul speaking to you;
  • Light the inner fire of passion and enthusiasm within yourself;
  • Connect to the energy of the phoenix to rise up and soar.

What’s involved?

  • Receive an elemental cleansing and blessing of FIRE;
  • Awaken your body with flowing movement;
  • Rest with Yoga Nidra meditation with a focus on inner fire – a deeply relaxing and healing way to just be and to connect to your soul;
  • Hear your soul speak with a guided Soul Journey and a Phoenix Rising ritual.

Join me for this sacred event … and rise like a phoenix: radiant and divine!

Your Soul Space Guide

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Hi, I’m Stella Tomlinson and I guide highly sensitive women to live with peace & purpose.

I work with highly sensitive, intuitive women, who feel stuck, overwhelmed and confused and help you to reclaim your connection to yourself and feel more peaceful, whole and in flow with life.

I’ll guide you to reconnect to the inner intuitive guidance available to you through the sacred temple of your body; the wise whispers of your heart and soul; and the divine feminine energies of the seasons and cycles of life as a grounded spiritual practice. And in doing so you’ll find clarity of mind, grounded inner peace, self-acceptance, a confident mindset, spiritual nourishment, and you’ll feel in flow with life.

I am a Priestess of the Goddess Brighid, an experienced Dru Meditation & Yoga teacher, a writer (author of ‘Peace Lies Within’), and an energy worker/healer.


Soul Space: Phoenix Rising
8 available

The Yoga Shed
Wickham Square
PO17 5JN