Monday, 18 October '21   11am – 11:55am BST
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Is a collaboration between, Maggie Smith, Gaelic speaker/singer and keeper of stories and Louise Davidson movement specialist from Stress Monkey Solutions.

Bringing new songs and movements and lots of shared stories and experiences brought to you in a 50 min interactive workshop.

The workshop aims to enhance engagement, fitness and fun for those less mobile and for those living with dementia and their carers.

The workshop is an activity session around local story, song and movement through lived experience. In particular, three songs on a subject very familiar to islanders. The making of Harris Tweed with 20+ looms in each village, every family had a loom or at least their neighbor had one. The movements reflect the stories within the songs of lived experience of weaving and knitting.

The movements are also specific to increasing brain cognition and many physical benefits.

The subject is familiar, lines are repetitive with associated former Mill names and physical movements relating to the journey of the yarn.

From the yarn arriving at the croft for weaving, to the excess yarn being plied (to make 3 ply yarn), to the garment being knitted and worn.

Sessions would be interactive and participant led
Some benefits of using song, stories and movements in this way:

cognitive function
Enhancing brain power
Stress reduction
Community engagement

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Zoom - Online