Getting out of back pain

Thursday, 25 November '21   7pm – 8:30pm GMT
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Event cancelled
Getting out of back pain

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90 min workshop exploring back issues and strategies in prevention and addressing common chronic problems.
Using various techniques to get to the source of releasing and strengthening the back from long term or reoccurring issues.
From a vast pool techniques of over 20 years of working therapeutically with backs, mine and others I will bring what exercises and techniques I find consistently helps in releasing from the source of pain and disfunction.
Good for Low/mid/upper back pain/weakness, Scoliosis, herniated discs, muscle weaknesses, tension, frozen shoulder, repetitive strain.
Please bring 2 tennis balls or similar (myofascial /spiky balls if you have them)
A yoga mat

If viewing online please have your camera on so that I can make sure your safely in the right position at all times.
This is not suitable for those in acute stages of pain and inflammation, please contact to check if this is you.


2 tennis/spiky/myofascial balls
Stretchy band
A soft ball or cushion
Yoga mat or blanket


Getting out of back pain
online event
Getting out of back pain live
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Zoom - Online