Training and Events with Sugar Streak

From brows to brazilians, sugaring is safe for all body parts, all genders and all skin types. We often get asked how sugaring differs from wax. For starters, how about temperature, application, the direction hair is removed in, the amount of time for the service, how much hair is removed in a service, and finally, the end result.

Sugar is applied against the hair growth and removed in the natural direction it grows in, allowing for a more complete extraction with less chance of breaking the hair. Applied at body temperature, sugaring can never burn the skin. We also request 5-7 days of hair growth instead of the 10-14 required for wax. The most natural form of hair removal on the market today, body sugaring removes the hair by the root, giving us the opportunity to refine and diminish hair follicles.

We truly believe body sugaring is the safest, most effective, natural form of hair removal on the market today.

We are in the business of growing sugar experts. From beginner to expert, we are with you every step of the way. With well over a decade of training, we've built our reputation on our service after the sale.

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December, 2019
15 Sun Course: 2 dates Hands-On Sugar Training - Ft. Worth (Keller), Texas
January, 2020
19 Sun Course: 2 dates Hands-On Sugaring Training - San Antonio, Texas
9 Sun Course: 2 dates Hands-On Sugaring Training - Oklahoma City, OK
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