Hog Butchering

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La Farge, WI
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Hog Butchering
Instructor: Ryan Wagner

Description: Students will receive a hands-on experience of butchering a hog. Saturday's afternoon will consist of discharging a live organic pig, eviscerating the animal, and preparing the hog for hanging and cooling. The following day will be a full day of breaking the hog into the primal parts, cutting individual pork chops, steaks, pork belly and hocks. The pig from the previous day will be used as well as previously slaughtered and halved organic hogs. Participants will be partnered in groups of 2 per half hog for the breakdown. Students will leave with the meat that they cut and break down (~35lbs), bones for broth as well as recipes for further processing. Time permitting, there will be options for making loose Italian and breakfast sausage from any scrap meat

Date: 10/20/2018
Registration Deadline: 10/1/2018
Class Time: 10/20 1pm - 4:30pm & 10/21 9am - 4:30pm
Class Fee: $120
Material Fee: $140
Location: La Farge, WI

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La Farge, WI