Class Pass (6 classes)
£54.00Tillåter tillträde till 6 klasser. Förbeställning krävs.
  • För användning vid händelser som inträffar i nästa 90 dagar.
  • Endast en gång per händelse.
Passera inte för närvarande gällande för eventuella kommande händelser.
A Class Pass offer 6 credits to be used over a period of 90 days. Each credit can be redeemed against a Pay As You Go class on the date of your choice (within the specified timeframe).You will need to select at least one Pay As You Go class at the same time as buying your Class Pass; the rest of the credits can be used at the same time or at a later stage.Classes booked with Class Pass credits can be transferred to another date/time up to 24 hours before the session is due to start. If you do not transfer your booking at least 24 hours before your session you will be charged for the session.
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