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SwingTrain Bristol

• Total Body Workout
• Mixture of high and low impact exercise
• Replicates effects of interval training
• Improves balance, coordination and agility
• Burn up to 500 calories in an hour
• Non judgemental, friendly class
• Can benefit brain function and is a natural mood booster.

SwingTrain is the little fitness brother of Swing Patrol London, one of the leading Swing Dance schools in the UK. Using swing moves and classic feel good music to help you reach your fitness goals. 60 minutes of full body exercises to some of the best electro swing, gospel, jazz and blues music around. Adaptations are encouraged and advice is always available.

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Can't make it to a live class? You can access class recordings over at my Patreon Page and workout in your own time!

From 27 May 2022
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