Train along with Guy

Wednesday, 10 June '20   8:15am - 9am
Zoom - Online

Having difficulty getting moving? Join Guy as he goes through his normal morning training routines. Sessions will be fairly gentle, and emphasise getting your body ready for the day. Expect some breathing exercises, some range of motion exercises, some strength training, and lots of joint care.

This is not a class as such- you won't be taught how to do the exercises in any detail (you can find instruction at, and there will not be time for questions etc during the session.
You can see one of the sessions on video here:

Sessions will last about an hour.


Guy will use any or all of the following:
A mat
A short stick
Small dumbells
Kettlebells (not too big)
You should watch this video on improvised training tools if you think you may have an equipment shortage.
You will need a decent internet connection!


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Zoom - Online