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Yoga Morning with Amanjot Kaur

Saturday, 10 October '20   10am – 12pm BST


Self-Liberation through taking Self-Responsibility
All our suffering from failed expectations, disappointments, frustration and anger stems from not being aware or not knowing how to take charge of our own inner power and freedom.

This workshop will challenge our destructive human habits and offer tools and practical solutions how to create life that is free from co-dependency on many levels, including toward the Self. We will shift into more acceptance of self and therefore others. We will aim for conscious accountability.

In this workshop you could expect dynamic exercises and postures with a focus on the breath. This allows for great results even though there is plenty of room in getting posture perfect. Each exercise can be adapted to suit different levels of flexibility and/or body’s limitations. There will be a meditation practice as well to help us reach Shuniya (inner silence), calmness and stress free state.

Please wear loose, comfortable clothing. No need for Lycra.

Give yourself a gift of freeing yourself with the help of Sacred Science of Kundalini Yoga, even if you are a total beginner or have flexibility issues.

Amanjot Kaur
Amanjot has been teaching Kundalini Yoga for a decade to all kinds of people with all kinds of problems, ailments and personal challenges. Finding the pace and style of Kundalini Yoga extremely effective delivering recurring positive results is what caught Amanjot's attention in the first place and keeps her engaged and expanding within her own practice.


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