Yoga Morning with Kate Dickens and Sharon McKinnon

Saturday, 12 September '20   10am - 12:30pm
Durley Memorial Hall, Durley Street, Durley, SO32 2AR
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Yoga for Stress Management & Relief
Recent research in brain science shows how regular yoga practice can change your brain to help you manage your emotional response when faced with stressful situations.

If you turn up to a yoga class once a week you are likely to experience a certain amount of stress relief simply through focusing on mindful movement to breath. But to actively manage stress, a simple understanding of neurobiology helps, as regular habits need to be cultivated so that you can consciously help yourself to manage your emotions, calm yourself and shift your stress.

In this session you will explore a holistic approach to doing this by working through the five Koshasusing - a blend of Asanas, Pranyama and meditation. You will take away practical techniques and tips, based on the latest research, that you can use to build into your everyday life to support self-care.

Kate Dickens
Kate is a yoga teacher, wellbeing specialist and life coach. Her passion is to help people flourish at work and her special interest is in using yoga and other evidence-based interventions to promote positive and respectful cultures in organisations and to help people to manage and relieve stress.

Sharon McKinnon
Sharon is a yoga teacher and clinical psychologist. As a psychologist, having worked in the NHS for over twenty years, and now working independently, she has developed a special interest in working with stress, trauma and anxiety, and how yoga can be helpful to reconnect with our bodies and regain composure and resilience.


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Durley Memorial Hall
Durley Street
SO32 2AR