Holding School Leaders to Account - ONLINE Governor Workshop

Tuesday, 19 November '19   6pm - 8pm
10 spaces available

How can school governors help in holding schools to account?

Governors are essential in holding school leaders to account for the quality of all-round education. But there’s a fine line between offering support and hold school leaders to account, and intruding in ways that make it more difficult for school leaders to do their job.

This course is aimed at helping governors to develop their skills to:

  • Ask challenging informed questions confidently
  • Monitor all-round performance not just test results
  • Sensitively interrogate impact
  • Be a ‘critical friend’
  • Be contextually literate
  • Analyse regularly received reports
  • Work in partnership with school leaders to develop a strategic plan

The workshop is facilitated by Giles Osborne who is currently an Associate Principal at a secondary school in London. He has worked in a range of good and outstanding schools and was formerly an advisor to Kent LEA and a Senior University Lecturer at Brighton, Cambridge and Canterbury Christ Church. He is a national trainer for Analyse School Performance and is currently supporting academy chains as an Improvement Partner on preparation for Ofsted and data strategy, as well as working with a range of alternative provisions. He is the co-creator of ‘TEAM’, the National Database for SEMH schools and PRUs and a national bench marking tool and progress model.


The workshop will be structured as follows:

  • 4.45pm to 5.00pm - log in when ready
  • 5.00pm to 6.30pm - workshop led by Giles
  • 6.30pm to 7.00pm - optional Q&A session


Holding School Leaders to Account - Governor Workshop
Please note that if you cancel your place within a week of the workshop date, or fail to attend, your school will still be charged for the full cost.