Fitness Classes With TeamZest

Are you

  • fed up feeling fat
  • lacking in motivation
  • struggling to fasten those jeans
  • have a wobbly tummy and jelly bum
  • lacking in confidence
  • have two left feet and worried you can’t keep up with classes
  • a mummy that struggles to get out to the gym or exercise as you have no time
  • a professional working long hours
  • a shift worker
  • stressed
  • tired and lacking in energy

Are you ready to:

  • improve your life
  • learn how to eat right for your body type and stop the dieting
  • drop the dress sizes for good
  • get stronger and fitter
  • improve your mindset
  • willing to change
  • invest in your health

If you answer yes to the above then you have come to the right place with Zest Fitness UK!!
We have fun and friendly fitness classes located in venues across the Wirral and also online fitness programs, nutrition guidance and coaching to get you into the best shape of your life.
Please join us at one of our fitness classes listed below or if you are serious and READY to MAKE A CHANGE then please complete the online coaching form below.
Application Form:
We will then be in touch to discuss the best program for YOU, options and costs.
Team Zest UK are changing lives every single day and we would love to help transform YOUR life too!

Refund policy

No refunds given on cancellation.