Universal Credit in Depth, Part 2

Wednesday, 19 August '20   9:45am - 12:45pm

This is Part 2 of a two part course. You may book this module separately or together with Part 1 for a complete course.

Part 2:
9.45am - 12.45pm

  • Claims & payments issues
  • Break
  • The UC Calculation

UC in Depth, Part 2 looks at the issues that come up for people when trying to make and manage a claim to UC. It enables participants to help vulnerable claimants avoid UC payment related problems. After the break we consider the best courses of action to resolve a problem in UC to help participants to identify whether to use a mandatory reconsideration/appeal, a complaint and/or a threat of judicial review.

By the end of the module participants will:

  • Be able to help vulnerable claimants complete the UC application process;
  • Understand how the UC assessment period works and how changes of circumstances affect the award;
  • Have an awareness of when and how a deduction can be made to a UC award in respect of a DWP or third party debt.
  • Be able to identify which decisions are likely to be appealable;
  • Understand when a complaint may be needed instead/as well;
  • Identify where non-appealable decisions may be subject to the threat of judicial review;
  • Understand that often more than one approach is needed.

Methods of delivery
This course is delivered online live with a BTC trainer. It is a practical course delivered using a combination of trainer presentation, exercises and case studies, group discussion and games. Before the course, participants will be provided with a Dropbox link to supporting material including PowerPoint slide handouts and a comprehensive training pack pdf.

Intended audience
This course is for those working with people of working age on a low income. A basic understanding of Universal Credit and the wider benefits system is assumed.

Certificates & post course support
Named participants completing the whole course (2 x half days) will receive an e-certificate and regular benefits news updates and guarantees access our free 12 months post-course advice service.


You will receive an email with course link(s) and a Dropbox link to the pack/slides in pdf format. You will need to download (or print) the pack before each part of the course. We recommend participants log in 5-10 minutes beforehand. You will need a good wifi connection and a suitable computer/device to access the Zoom session and the pack throughout. You may also wish to have a pen and paper to make notes.


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