Carradine Cairn Terrier Grooming & Welfare

We have created several Facebook groups so you can learn how to hand strip your Cairn. We understand that hand stripping is not an option for all dogs or owners so we have created Scissoring & 50/50 too! This group takes you through how to scissor cut your Cairn yet still keep that Cairn look.

Thinking about owning Cairns - there are groups about diet and training too.

All Groups are run by Dawn who has bred, shown and judged Cairns in the UK since the 80's. Dawn has bred, owned or handled 16 UK Champions and is an international judge and runs a Grooming Training School in Worcester, UK.

Dawn teaches and coaches you through all things Cairns over the next months - all of the groups you join today will be available to you until November 2021 - watch puppies grow up and grooming develop over time!

From 7 Mar 2021
January, 2021
11 Mon 324 days Every Facebook Group Special Offer!
324 days Everything you need to know - its all here!
324 days Hand Stripping Group 2 - Neck, Back and Sides
324 days Hand Stripping Group 1 - Head and Ears
324 days Hand Stripping Group 3 - Legs and Undercarriage
324 days Hand Stripping Group 4 - Tail and Rear end
324 days Hand Stripping Group 5 - Rolling the coat
324 days Hand stripping - All the groups 1 - 5
324 days Introduction to our Groups - transcript from first zoom meeting
324 days Scissoring and 50/50
324 days Welfare - All the groups
324 days Welfare 1: Puppies from 8wks old and senior Cairns
324 days Welfare 2: Breeding and the first 8 weeks
324 days Welfare 3: Nails, Teeth, Diet and Natural Care
324 days Welfare 4: Cairn behaviour and basic training
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