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FOUNDATIONS: Sound + Video for Performance

Friday, 2 December '22   10 days
The Field Center, 61 Williams Road, Chester VT 05143
FOUNDATIONS: Sound + Video for Performance


Sound + Video Lab with Anna Luisa Petrisko and Maria Chavez

This 8-day residential intensive explores both how sound and video can exist as both a record of performance and as performance itself. Through a combination of technical training and live performance; aspects of video recording and editing and turntable and sound editing technique will be explored.

Regular opportunities for collaboration, critical feedback and performance will happen throughout the week.

This will be an opportunity to work with established performance artists to develop existing work, create new material or simply build skills in aspects of live and pre-recorded performance.
Accessible devices such as phones, laptops and turntables will be the principle tools needed.

​This is a residential group intensive. Rooms are shared and meals are prepared by our live-in chef and eaten together.
 Schedule includes daily classes, performances, lab opportunities and nightly events.


Patron/Sustaining Rate
Folks who pay this amount directly support those who have less capacity financially and make it possible for a more accessible and diverse event.
Standard Rate
This is the standard payment tier. All are welcome to pay at this level.
Supported Rate
This tier is for those who need it.
4-day option for First Half of the module FRI-MON [DEC 2 - 5]


The Field Center
61 Williams Road
Chester VT 05143