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PNDA LAB 3: Joanna Kotze + Paul Singh

Thursday, 14 July '22   10 days
The Field Center, 61 Williams Road, Chester VT 05143
PNDA LAB 3: Joanna Kotze + Paul Singh


PNDA LAB 3: Joanna Kotze + Paul Singh

PNDA LABS [ Performance and New Dance Arrivals Lab ] are chances for working artists at all stages of their career to live with one another and develop their performance making practices with mentorship and group. PNDA is split into 3 10-day modules with each module being facilitated by 2 artists.

Weeks consist of daily classes and workshops with evenings of performances, dance-parties, artist talks, crits and rest. PNDA is a wild and non-academic space that is grounded in daily practice and intention. It is a place for people who make things to learn, to ask questions, to make new work, destroy and build practices and to be together as people.

Payment covers room, board and access to all events.
Participants stay in group rooms or at the campground and all participants must volunteer on cleaning and prep-cook shifts. We grow much of our own food in the garden.


The PNDA Labs are priced at a sliding scale to recognize our different economies and the structural and racial oppressions that produce them. To expand access we encourage folks who have the resources to pay forward at the sustaining and regular rates. This directly assists those with less capacity.
PLEASE take the time to think honestly about your ability to pay and your financial resources. We work hard to make our events affordable and accessible to the economically marginalized, however these fees are also our principle source of income as an organization! Please pay at the tier that you can and we thank you!

We are happy to work with you around installments.


Patron/Sustaining Rate
Folks who pay this amount directly support those who have less capacity financially and make it possible for a more accessible and diverse event.
Standard Rate
This is the standard payment tier. All are welcome to pay at this level!
Supported Rate
This tier is for those who need it.
Patron/Sustaining Rate; FIRST HALF ONLY
Thursday 14th through Monday 18th ONLY
Standard Rate: FIRST HALF ONLY
Thursday 14th through Monday 18th ONLY
Supported Rate: FIRST HALF ONLY
Thursday 14th through Monday 18th ONLY


The Field Center
61 Williams Road
Chester VT 05143