The Lure of the Relationship with Dr. Tony Humphreys.

Sunday, 26 February, 2017   2pm - 5pm
St. Peters Church, North Main Street, Cork
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Special Seminar Style Workshop
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🌟 Join us for very special event with Dr. Tony Humphreys in association with The Health Zone called The Lure of the Relationship, Sunday February 26th, 2 - 5pm.

In this Special Seminar Style Workshop, Dr. Humphreys will reveal how the three most common creative delusions are:

“That we all come from happy families.”

“That marriage will bring me happiness.”


“That having children will make me happy.”

"The consequences of these delusions are **GREAT EXPECTATIONS* and, when not met, great disappointment and resentment.*

The reality is that fulfillment lies in each of our own hands, that separateness is the basis for togetherness and in couple liaisons that each needs to appoint the other the guardian of their solitude." said Dr. Tony Humphreys.

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Peter's Church, North main street, Cork. Please arrive 30 mins or

more before hand for registration.

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At this special event Tony will share:

✓ What stops us from experiencing authentic, HAPPY and HEALTHY relationships

✓ What is the PURPOSE of a relationship

✓ How we can transform FEAR in a relationship

✓ How not to take things PERSONALLY in a relationship

✓ How we need to get MARRIED to ourselves first, before marrying another

✓ And what are the keys to authentic COMMUNICATION and
CONNECTION in relationships

You can listen to an interview with Dr. Tony Humphreys on The Power of Relationships here

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Anyone interested in learning, understanding and knowing how to create more healthier, happier, authentic and fulfilling relationships and have an interactive exchange about various relationship topics.


1pm - 1.45pm - Registration

2pm – Presentation by Dr. Tony Humphreys

3pm – Break

3.15pm – Dr. Tony Humphreys interviewed by Micheál O'Mathúna

4.15pm – Question & Answers / Discussion

5pm – Close

Your investment is ONLY 25 euros for this Special Seminar Style Workshop.

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Dr. Tony Humphreys is a Consultant Clinical Psychologist, Author and National and International Speaker.

He began his career as a Clinical Psychologist in State Psychiatric and Psychological Services in England and Ireland and since 1990 has been working in private practice in Ireland.

He works with individuals, couples, families, schools, local communities and the business community. He is the Director of two National University of Ireland courses which are run in University College Cork and in an outreach centre in Dublin.

He is Co-Founder of The Irish Association of Relationship Mentors and a Member of Psychological Society of Ireland (PSI), IARM.

Tony is regularly sought for his expertise and views on radio and television shows . He is the author of many best-selling books. His best known books are:

✓ The Power of ‘Negative ‘ Thinking

✓ Self-Esteem, the key to your Child’s Future

✓ Work and Worth, Take Back Your Life

✓ Myself, My Partner

✓ Leaving The Nest

✓ Whose Life are you Living

✓ All About Children

✓ The Mature Manager

✓ The Compassionate Intentions of Illness

✓ Understanding Teenagers

✓ Relationship, Relationship, Relationship

✓ Leadership with Consciousness

Tony’s books are currently available in 15 languages and are available in 28 countries. He has recorded CDs on Adult Self-Esteem, Raising Children’s Self-Esteem and Self and Work. Tony’s varied earlier careers encompassing theology, education, and business add breadth and depth to his unique understanding of human behaviour.

His ideas are challenging, sometimes controversial, yet they are always presented in the safety of understanding and compassion. It is indicative of the ethos he creates that he is in constant demand for lectures, workshops, seminars, and conferences from a very wide range of audiences that cross different social strata, different age groups and different social sectors.

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St. Peters Church, North Main Street, Cork