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Time Seekers 6 week challenge

Monday, 22 July '24   45 days
18 years and over
40 spaces available
Time Seekers 6 week challenge


If you need to find time for yourself but don't know where to start you're in the right place. You'll start finding time for yourself again from day 1 of the 6 week challenge.

We want to give you the best start to the summer holidays, so we are starting the next 6 week challenge on Monday 22nd July!

You'll be given a specific 5 minute guided activity each day.
Introducing you to a host a wellness practices, enabling you to find what brings you joy and ultimately how you will choose to spend your time.

You will also have access to a huge library of short yoga classes, guided meditations, breathing classes and much more to use whenever it suits you.

We all have good intentions, however we know that fitting in time for yourself can be the hardest thing. That's why we created Time Seekers and we want to help as many women as possible to create healthy habits and feel more connected with themselves again. We know that trying to do too much often leads to doing nothing so we encourage you to start really small.

You will have access to your 5 minute daily practices on the Time Seekers App so you can take the challenge anywhere with you.

We've all started something then not followed through, we want to give you the best chance at completing the 6 week challenge.
Of course ultimately completing the challenge is down to you, however, you will have lots of support throughout the 6 weeks.
You'll be a part of the Time Seekers community and we will buddy you up with an accountability partner.
On top of that we will also have weekly check ins with you ourselves to keep you on track and be here to offer any extra guidance or support you require.
We love bringing women together, that's when the magic happens. We will be working through the challenge together so you can share your successes and challenges.
We can't wait to see you enjoying time for yourself again!

Level: Advanced, Beginner & Intermediate

This event is for women only.


For everyone who signs up, we will send out a welcome video via WhatsApp before we get started. This will give you time to get set up on the app and ready to start day 1 with a good understanding of what to expect.
We are here to support you all the way and want you to feel the impact that this challenge can have on your daily life.



Time Seekers 6 week challenge

40 available until Sun 21 Jul 6pm
This ticket will give you access to the Time Seekers 6 week challenge from the 22nd July 2024. All details will be sent to you via WhatsApp.