Tiny Toes Baby Reflexology and Massage Corby

Tiny Toes Reflexology and Baby Massage Corby - Is it for you?

Is your baby stressed, crying or restless and you just can’t seem to find out what is wrong?

Dreading the thought of teething pain, sleepless nights, reflux, colic or digestive issues?

Tiny Toes Corby Classes will literally change your life! FOREVER!

With NEW online classes using Zoom, you can now access techiques in your own living room!

You may be feeling unsure at the moment but you will leave your first session knowing exactly how to calm your baby, encourage sleep and ease pain or crying.

Your baby be will more relaxed and may sleep longer than usual after each session.

Using ‘easy to learn’ reflexology (feet) and massage techniques (body) you will help your baby by:

  • Relaxing them so they fall asleep more easily and will often sleep for longer
  • Calming and soothing them when crying, restless or stressed
  • Easing the dreaded teething pain and associated symptoms such as ear ache
  • Easing colic, reflux and any discomfort or pain caused by being repeatedly sick
  • Providing relief from coughs and colds, including blocked or runny noses
  • Releasing trapped wind and easing constipation

You will become a detective by learning some simple tricks to help find out what may be upsetting your baby.

Bonding with your baby can never be underestimated and you will both feel the positive benefits of touch too, with feel good hormones released.

With detailed explanations and clear instructions sent to you after each session, you will not only know the 'how' but also the 'why' for using each technique.

Proven time and time again in my classes, I know your baby will respond to your touch quickly and effectively. You will see your baby become calmer right before your eyes and wonder why you didn't join a class sooner.

Not keen on joining a class? You can now book one to one sessions at www.spiritbodyandmind.co.uk/tinytoes.html and have bespoke sessions, just for your family.

My Story. I felt anxious, powerless and isolated as a new mum, with no friends that would ‘get me’ and what I was feeling. Plucking up the courage to ask others mums to join me in a baby massage class was the best thing I did as I then felt supported, connected and empowered, by having new friends and learning ways to help Jasmine, such as with digestion.

I feel strongly about helping others to help themselves, so giving parents even more tools than I had, by being a qualified reflexologist, parents can detect more of what may be going on for their babies and also know what they can do about it.

Babies cannot help themselves and so, by being able to support parents in helping their babies, this is a way to improve their quality of life which, as a former primary teacher, was one of my passions - helping children to know how they can help themselves and have the life they choose.

Questions? Just contact me on my website contact page www.spiritbodyandmind.co.uk.

Looking forward to meeting you.

From 11 Apr 2021
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