GUT HEALTH with KELDA White (Prefer Evenings? - Recordings Available)

Friday, 23 April '21   12pm – 1pm BST
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GUT HEALTH with KELDA White (Prefer Evenings? - Recordings Available)

Course dates

  • Fri, 16 Apr '21   12pm – 1pm BST - done
  • Fri, 23 Apr '21   12pm – 1pm BST
  • Fri, 30 Apr '21   12pm – 1pm BST
  • Fri, 7 May '21   12pm – 1pm BST
  • Fri, 14 May '21   12pm – 1pm BST
  • Fri, 21 May '21   12pm – 1pm BST

Admit one: GUT HEALTH - with Kelda White is a Trafford House World Exclusive Course .
RECORDINGS WILL BE AVAILABLE if the TIME is Inconvenient for You - Just Email and Ask

Gut Health Course (6 weeks)
Starting 16th April: midday every Friday for an hour.

Booking soon at the Trafford House Calm Centre.

You can see the brief introduction Kelda did on Gut Health here.

This practical course will give you applicable gut health information so you can improve your wellbeing as well as your knowledge. It includes a PDF summary of the session each week. I want to be responsive to your requests but the broad outline is as follows:

Week 1: The role of gut bacteria in hormone production, immune response, emotional wellbeing, weight and digestion.

What ‘gut bacteria’ are.
Why they are important in the body.
The functions that they perform in maintaining our physical and emotional wellbeing.

Week 2: The vagus nerve

What it is.
Why it is important.
How to look after it.

Week 3: Threats to a healthy microbiome and how to identify that there are problems.

How diet, medications and other factors affect our gut bacteria.
Comparing our microbiome to those in people who live a more traditional lifestyle.
Some indicators that your microbiome may be out of balance.

Week 4: Emotional aspects to gut issues.

The link between emotions and physical health.
Understanding the emotional aspects of different parts of the digestive system.
How emotional health affects gut bacteria diversity and vice versa.

Week 5: Restoring the microbiome.

Providing the right environment for a thriving microbiome.
Reintroducing healthy gut bacteria.
Feeding your bacterial allies.
Nutrition, fermented food, pre, pro and post biotics.
Feingold and GAPs approaches.

Week 6: Using herbs and homeopathy to support good gut health.

Using homeopathic remedies to support gut health.
The role of digestive bitters in gut health.
Using plants to feed our gut bacteria and help manage gut issues.


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