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From 26 Jan 2022
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January, 2022
26 Wed 9:15am GMT Pilates and Weights Class (Cowbridge Rugby Club)
10:30am GMT Fundamental Pilates
3:15pm GMT Reformer duo
4:30pm GMT Pilates 1:1 Reformer/mat session
6pm GMT Pilates and Weights
6pm GMT Studio zoom - Pilates and Weights
7:15pm GMT Reformer 1:1 session
27 Thu 9am GMT Pilates Mat (Group Class) all levels - online only
10:45am GMT Pilates 1:1 session
12pm GMT Pilates Chair and small equipment 1;1 session
1:15pm GMT 1:1 Pilates Session
2:15pm GMT Reformer and mat 1:1 session
4pm GMT 1:1 Mat Online
6:15pm GMT Pilates Mat (Group Class) all levels In Studio
Course: 4 dates Pilates Foundation Course
28 Fri 9am GMT 1:1 Reformer,
10:15am GMT 1:1 Pilates Reformer session
31 Mon 8:45am GMT 1:1 Reformer,
10am GMT Pilates 1:1 session
11:15am GMT Reformer 1:1 session
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