Tribe- The Family Space

Welcome to Tribe, a bespoke family service offering a play cafe and play space!

At Tribe we offer a wide range of workshops, groups and sessions to support your families wellbeing.
Book onto any of our groups to promote your child's development, and opportunities to socialise with other parents.

Play, Learn, Grow!­čî┐

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December, 2019
12 Thu 1:30pm - 3pm Curious Baby
13 Fri 10am - 11:30am Toddler Time
1:30pm - 3pm Tiny Baby Retreat
16 Mon 1pm - 3pm Christmas Special Tiny Baby Retreat
17 Tue 11am - 2pm Winter Wonderland
18 Wed 11am - 2pm Winter Wonderland
19 Thu 2:30pm - 4pm A visit from Father Christmas
20 Fri 11am - 2pm Winter Wonderland
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