(E10) RAKU firing day

Sunday, 14 July '24   10:30am – 5:30pm BST
Turning Earth Leyton - Learning Hub, 11 Argall Avenue, London, E10 7QE
(E10) RAKU firing day


All Levels

Join us for our next Raku firing in our Leyton studio. Raku originated in Japan in the 16th century and is known for its unique firing process. During a Raku firing, the pieces are removed from the kiln while still red-hot and placed into containers filled with combustible materials like sawdust, leaves, or paper. The intense heat causes the materials to ignite, creating a reduced atmosphere that affects the glazes and clay bodies in unpredictable ways. This process results in distinctive and often dramatic surface patterns, colors, and textures on the finished pieces.

You will need to bring your own bisque pieces. We will fit as many pieces as possible in the kilns but this can vary according to the size of the pieces that participants bring over. We would expect every participant to be able to fire 5 pieces each.

Glazes will be provided and the glazing will happen in the morning, as part of the workshop. You can also decorate the piece with feathers and horsehair during the naked firing process (if you are planning to do this, please bring your own organic materials to burn).

Pieces will be fired up to 1000°c so they will be porous and not food safe.

Thank you, and happy potting.


Guidelines on how to make your bisque pieces:
All clay should work well with the exception of black clays (as that cancels out the lovely blackening effects from the reduction). So please use either Staffordshire, Sanded Buff, Draycott, or Reclaim for your pieces. You can also mix these clays with some crank. 100% crank will give the least satisfactory finish and is definitely not suitable for ‘Naked-Raku’. Simple forms work best, either thrown or hand-built, and it is a good idea to avoid bringing pieces with handles and spouts, and no flat pieces. No heavy, unstable pieces. Max dimensions: 15cm diameter, 30cm height.



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