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UK Outdoor Fitness Bootcamp (Leeds Bootcamp, Temple Newsam Bootcamp, Farsley Bootcamp, Roundhay Bootcamp, Baildon Bootcamp, Kippax Bootcamp, Drighlington bootcamp and York Bootcamp) "Get Fit, Have Fun and Be Social

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7️⃣ day free trial available for both (7 Consecutive days at the same time of separate weeks for outdoors and virtual)
*Please note trial weeks are for new participate only who have never attended our classes before*

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From 23 Jun 2021
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June, 2021
23 Wed 5:30pm BST πŸ’» Total Warrior Training / Bootcamp with Paul (Online) πŸ₯΅
6:30pm BST 🌳 Baildon Bootcamp (Outdoors)
6:30pm BST 🌳 Farsley Bootcamp (Outdoors)
6:30pm BST 🌳 Temple Newsam Bootcamp (Outdoors)
24 Thu 6:30pm BST 🌳 Drighlington Bootcamp (Outdoors)
6:30pm BST 🌳 Kippax Bootcamp (Outdoors)
6:30pm BST 🌳 York Bootcamp 1️⃣ (Outdoors)
6:30pm BST 🌳 York Bootcamp 2️⃣ (Outdoors)
6:45pm BST 🌳 Kirkstall Bootcamp (Outdoors)
25 Fri 9:30am BST 🌳 Roundhay Bootcamp (Outdoors)
6:30pm BST 🌳 Temple Newsam Bootcamp (Outdoors)
26 Sat 8:30am BST 🌳 York Bootcamp 1️⃣ (Outdoors)
9am BST 🌳 Baildon Bootcamp (Outdoors)
9:30am BST 🌳 Drighlington Bootcamp (Outdoors)
9:30am BST 🌳 Kippax Bootcamp (Outdoors)
9:30am BST 🌳 Kirkstall Bootcamp (Outdoors)
27 Sun 9am BST πŸšΆπŸΌβ€β™€οΈπŸšΆπŸ½York Bootcamp Walk (Millington) β›°
9:30am BST 🌳 Farsley Bootcamp (Outdoors)
9:30am BST 🌳 Temple Newsam Bootcamp (Outdoors)
28 Mon 6:30pm BST 🌳 Baildon Bootcamp (Outdoors)
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