Putting an Idea or Feeling into a Sketch, with Fred Polito

Saturday, 15 April, 2017   12pm - 2:30pm
Giddings Plaza, Lincoln Square
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Focusing on what has drawn us to the scene, we can try to express these ideas or feelings in sketch form, creating a little story.

PLEASE NOTE: In case of very cold or inclement weather, this workshop will meet in a reserved room at Sulzer Public Library, 4455 N. Lincoln Avenue (southeast corner of Lincoln & Sunnyside, CTA #11 bus stop), phone 773-744-7616.


  • Your normal sketching materials, and paper at least 8"x11" or bigger
  • Something that will make more than a black & white mark, if color is not in your usual sketching arsenal
  • Thick skin! Comments from others can be a fun way to learn.



Giddings Plaza, Lincoln Square