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February, 2020
17 Mon 5 days LE01-Essentials of Leadership
5 days LE02-Strategic Leadership Training Course
5 days LE03-The Complete Executive Leadership Programme
5 days LE04-Business Strategy Formulation
5 days LE05-Organisational Development
5 days LE06-Essential Communication Skills for Leaders
5 days LE07-Successful Strategic Planning and Implementation
5 days LE08-Team Leadership: Successful Team Communication and Personal Effectiveness
5 days LE09-The Essential Lean Leadership
5 days LE10-Change Leadership
5 days LE11-Understanding Yourself as a Leader
5 days LE12-Executive Leadership Skills
5 days LE13-Building and Leading High Performance Teams
5 days MA01-Essential Management Skills
5 days MA02-Effective Communication and Team Building
5 days MA03-Team Building
5 days MA04-Effective Performance Management
5 days MA05-Advanced Office Management & Effective Administration Skills
5 days MA06-The Art of Negotiation and Conflict Management
5 days MA07-Organisational Development´╗┐
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